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Er..so I'm completely stuck with these hairstyle thing...More days I spent on considering it, more hesitating I am.

Now I feel like giving up and forget it.

Good for me.

the final day

Yesterday when I was preparing meals around 8pm, I heard neighbour guys saying something like having a party to celebrate the end of the world.

DRUNK. That was what I was thinking the moment. And then, they turned on music, VERY LOUD, and started drinking, talking and laughing.

CRAZY. I continued preparing my meal, finished it and focused on my own stuff quietly.

About 11:30pm, I went to bed playing PSP and noticed those guys are still celebrating but turned down the music. 

Hmm...at least they know some courtesy. One hour later, I was in my dreams without realizing it is the end of the world.

What a peaceful night!

If Decem 21 is really the final day, will I do some crazy (without hurting others) thing that I've never done before?